Instantly increase your sales with Announce

Compatible with X-Cart 4 and 5

Introducing Announce

The sure-fire way to increase your X-Cart conversion rates

With Announce installed on your site, visitors see notifications each time you receive an order, as well as previous orders customers have placed.

Announce increases conversions by building credibility using social proof

Looks like you're trending

Announce, creates a busy atmosphere and customers gain confidence to buy from you

Real time order notifications

Visitors to your site see what your customers are buying and feel like everyone's buying your products!

Customize to fit your brand

Choose the notification colors to fit your store and select the position you would like them to appear.

Choose from six notification styles and sizes

Regular Size
Discreet Size

Mobile friendly notifications

Notifications on mobile devices appear at the bottom of the screen in the Discreet style

Did you know?

Websites displaying notifications achieve an average increase of 10-15% in their conversion rates

How much extra revenue can your store generate?

Enter your monthly revenue and click calculate

1% increase in sales, will generate $100 per month
2% increase in sales, will generate $200 per month
5% increase in sales, will generate $500 per month
10% increase in sales, will generate $1000 per month
15% increase in sales, will generate $1500 per month

How it works

Enter your store details

Create a free account and enter your site details in your control panel

Configure notifications

Choose colors to match your site and select screen position

Install Announce

X-Cart v5: One-Click Install from the X-Cart App Marketplace X-Cart v4: Upload three files and add one line of code to your X-Cart installation

Activate feed

Go to your site configuration, sign up for a free 14 day trial and activate the feed

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Announce Package

Increase your store conversions

$29.99 / month
  • Real time order notifications
  • Customize to fit your brand
  • REST API or file look up
  • 14 day free trial (cancel anytime)
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How do I install on X-Cart v5?

Simply install the module via the X-Cart marketplace and then enter your Announce Key (which is generated once you have registered and subscribed here).

How do I install on X-Cart v4?

Upload two .js files and a .css file, then add one line of code to your installation. It's really easy to do, but if you're not comfortable doing it we can install it for you.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! You can try Announce free for 14 days! If you find that Announce isn't right for you, you can cancel your subscription before the free trial ends and you will not be charged a penny!

Will Announce really increase conversions?

It's true that every store is different, and conversion rates depend on many factors. However in general, displaying order notifications on average increases conversion rates by 10-15%

My store doesn't generate many orders at the moment, can Announce help me?

Sure! Announce will look up your previous order/s from your database (v5) or file (v4) and display your previous orders.

Will Announce work on mobile?

Of course! Announce will display discreet style notifications on mobile devices