Setting up offline data with X-Cart 4

When to use offline data

If your store receives less than 1500 orders per day, you should enable " Offline data ".

What does Offline data do?

During the times you are not receiving orders, the offline data setting will look up a random order from your orders files at timed intervals.

You can set the timer to look up orders and send notification by entering the number of seconds in the Feed Frequency.

Automatic randomization of intervals

Announce applies a random offset to the feed frequency you enter.

For example if you set the Feed Frequency to 50 seconds, your storefront may show a notification after 67 seconds, another after 72 seconds, another after 46 seconds and so on.

How to export orders from your X-Cart v4 Admin, and import them into Announce

X-Cart 4 does not have an API so you will need to export two files (an Orders file and an Order Items file) from your X-Cart Admin and securely upload them in your Announce Control Panel.

1. In your X-Cart 4 Admin, go to Orders Search page

2. Select a date range, and make sure you are searching for Processed or Complete orders

3. Check how many orders are in the result, if it is less than 5000 orders then increase the dates and search again.

4. When you have a date range which has between 5000 - 10000 orders go back to your Order Search page, keep the date range, but this time click the "Export search results to a CSV file", then click search

5. Now the Export Orders page will load. Do not change any of the settings. Scroll down the page, select "Orders", and click Export

6. Wait for the export to finish. When it has finished the Export Orders page will reload, scroll down the page and this time, select "Order Items", and click Export

7. Now you will have two seperate files, "Orders" and "Order Items". Click the links to download them to your computer

NOTE: You must export Orders and Order Items file seperately - i.e two seperate files

8. Go to your Announce Control Panel. Click the "Offline Data" tab. Click the button to upload your files. The system will automatically detect which file you are uploading.

NOTE: The maximum file size you can upload is 40MB

9. After both files have been uploaded, you must validate your files by clicking the validate button. This will check that there were no problems with the upload process.

10. Once both files have been validated, Announce will look up your orders and send them as notifications


  • The more orders in your order file the better! Having a bigger order file reduces the possibility of the same order being shown more than once.

X-Cart 4: Exported Orders File

The order file you export from your X-Cart store will contain all your customer's information.

When you upload it to our server, our system immediately runs through the file and retreives:

  • Customers First Name
  • Customer City and Country
  • Ordered Products

This is saved this to a new file and the original export file is immediately deleted.