Setting up offline data with X-Cart 5

Announce uses X-Cart 5's free REST API module to connect to your store.

  1. Install and enable the free REST API in your store ( click for instructions )
  2. Copy your "API Key (Read only)".
  3. Paste the API Key into the feed settings in your Announce Control Panel

That's it, Announce can now connect to your store!

When to use offline data

If your store receives less than 1500 orders per day, you should enable " Offline data ".

What does Offline data do?

During the times you are not receiving orders, the offline data setting will look up a random order from your database at timed intervals.

You can set the timer to look up orders and send notification by entering the number of seconds in the Feed Frequency.

Automatic randomization of intervals

Announce applies an automatic offset to whatever feed frequency you enter so it doesn't look like the notifications are on a timer.

For example if you set the Feed Frequency to 50 seconds, your storefront may show a notification after 67 seconds, another after 72 seconds, another after 46 seconds and so on.